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Once you step into La Abode you would find a list diversified facilities that would make you feel more at home and less in a boardroom. The one thing you would expect to discover with our facilities is comfort, support and part of how we make you feel this way

Facilities & Services:-

Sit back and relax the pleasure of viewing in your hands now. With large screen LCD and latest DTH connection to each room you have the best facility to entertain yourself.

You can connect yourself to the world through the internet. Now emails, chatting, information gathering, sharing, social networking is easier.

Hot and cold water available 24 hours available.

Two line telephones now connect you better and easier. You can communicate with the world around. A special in bathroom telephone connection so that you do not miss any call.

Posturepedic mattresses & Pillows feature provides additional support where you need it most and is power-packed to maximize support and enhance all your bed-time needs.

Fiber Doorway to increase your fabulous stay and gives you the feel of wonder around you.

With just a call away the doctor is waiting to attend you anytime.

Ten Down House Keeping all day long to help, support and organize your complete stay with total dedication and care.

Bank ATM nearby within a few steps and a Travel Help Desk that takes care and advice you on all your travel plan.

Parquet flooring the wooden floor made wood fitted together like a mosaic that fulfills a long tradition of tradition of beautiful floors and fine artwork.

With electronic safe you can feel safer for your belongings. The password is the only key to unlock the safe which would be safeguarded with you.

Now you can serve yourself and your guest with the exclusive mini bar that provides you with the exquisite and fine quality servings.

Special Offers
Now you get the special facility with our bed and break fast offer. Get up every morning with breakfast right to your bed. Now you more with every morning at La Abode.